Friday, November 18, 2011


Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or do
you skip that and go right from 
Halloween to Christmas? 

I've always dreamed of decorating a beautiful
table for Thanksgiving dinner but I haven't 
as of yet. It doesn't seem realistic once
you get all the food on the table. 
Sure, I've seen TONS of beautiful table settings
but let's see how that looks with a feast on
the table and a bunch of people sitting there too. 

That being said, we are having a very low key 
dinner this Thanksgiving. Just us at home with
our little family and my husband's Grandma.
I think I'm going to take a stab at a pretty 
table dressing this year. I want to keep it 
really simple and toned down and most of all

So-on that note, let me share with you
another of my Thanksgiving decorations.
I made this a few years back with some vinyl I
got from an old high school friend at a girls
reunion party we had. The wood it's on is
from my Grandpa's old barn. Although I
love the way it looks I don't recommend 
using barn wood on vinyl projects unless you
are prepared to spend lots of time trying to 
get it to stick! This was a bugger.....
After I got the vinyl attached I embellished
it with a bit of fall foliage that I got at Michaels. 

It's one of my favorite Thanksgiving decorations.
To me it symbolizes the two things I am most
grateful for in this world.....
Family AND Friends.

The wood is representative of my 
Grandparents, the legacy they created
and the love my family has always offered me.
The vinyl is representative of my friends
and the joy and support they have
always been in my life. 

Some of you are familiar with the saying on it..
it's from a church hymn. Just saying it out loud
makes me laugh and smile. It takes me back
to a church pew, sitting with the Dana girls,
holding back laughter as we are listening
to the lady in front of us belting this out
in her best opera voice.
I can hear it now.....
"Count your many blessings. Name them one by one."
....and I am laughing again!
If you thought this was going to end on 
a reverent note, you were wrong. 

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Amanda said...

I think this is probably one of my favorites of your decorations. Very cute.

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