Friday, November 25, 2011

~Thanksgiving table decorations~

Remember I was saying I wanted to decorate
my table for Thanksgiving dinner?
But I wanted to keep it simple?
Is it coming back to you now?

Well-this is what I came up with:
Nothing too fancy and extravagant but still nice.
I wanted to use things I had on hand and because
I waited until 2 hours before, I didn't really have a choice.
(my daughter's birthday party was the night before!)

First off, I took some tulle I had on hand and tied
it around the backs of the chairs. I then took some
ribbon I had and tied a bow at the center.
I didn't have enough tulle for them to match,
they were all different colors. I did have enough
ribbon so I figured since the tulle was all the same
color palette, the ribbon would bring it together.
The tablecloth was my Grandma's. 
I put it over a plain white sheet.
For the center of the table I put a 
Thanksgiving table runner I've had for years
and never really used. I know it looks better with
some type of arrangement in the center but 
it's just not realistic if you want to fit lots of
food on the table. Plus-it blocks the view when
you're trying to talk to a person on the other
side of the table. So-for these reasons,
I didn't put an arrangement in the center.

For the place settings I got out one 
of my dish sets and placed them on some 
green place mats I have.  The napkins go
with the set of place mats. I've had them for years.
I only had two napkin rings like this so for the
other two I tied raffia around the napkin as if
it were a ring.

This was my favorite part....
the name cards.
I got some pine cones out of my Christmas
decorations, stuck a fall leaf in it and placed
the name card in it. I got these name cards
at Michael's last year after Thanksgiving
for 50 cents a package. There are 12 per pkg.
It was just us and my husband's Grandma for dinner
so we were all able to fit at the kitchen table.

Grandma kept commenting about how pretty the 
table looked....she loved everything about it.
The funniest thing she said about it,
"Oh even have matching dishes!"
She loved the napkin rings and wondered what 
the heck they were....she'd never seen them before.
She couldn't get over the tulle around the chairs,
"What is this material? I've never seen it before.'s beautiful."

We had a great dinner and even had enough room
on the table for the food:
Considering I had to throw it together at the last
minute I was pleased with the outcome.
I love setting a nice table. I wish I had the 
opportunity to do this more often.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled 
with all things beautiful that you love.


Amanda said...

Looking very festive. I like the namecards a lot.

Jolie said...

love the namecards too!

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