Monday, November 7, 2011

~decorating with jars~

My holiday decorations differ each year.
Same stuff but I never arrange and display them
the same two years in a row.
I don't do it on purpose.
In fact, if you want to know the real truth
it's not because I'm's 
because I can't remember how I did it 
the year prior. I really need to start
taking pics of the stuff because there have 
been years that
I've been quite proud of myself.
I have a lot of jars.
I can veggies in the summer/fall and 
my husband cans smoked fish (the best you've ever had)
in the winter. We always have jars stashed away
in the hutch. Often times I end up using the jars
for my holiday decorating. 

Here's my latest with the jars:

I stuffed them with a little bit of fall foliage
and plastic pumpkins,
turned them upside down and 
tied some raffia around them. 
Simple and understated yet still festive.
You should see what I do with them at Christmas....
maybe you will if I can remember :)


Jolie said...

oooooo!! love that centerpiece on your shelf!
you are very inventive with jars and displaying fun trinkets in them throughout the entire year...whether it be buttons, or skull heads (i think i saw one in your halloween jar?) have you ever added small xmas lights inside for a night time glow???

Unknown said...

I love it Paula! You are seriously inspiring me!

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