Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~semi-homemade girls outfit~

The little neighbor girl had a birthday
yesterday and this is what I made for her:
I call it semi-homemade because I bought the
shirt and just embellished it to match the skirt.

The circle skirt is soooo easy.
I found the tutorial for it at MADE.
I have made these for all my nieces. 
I think they are so feminine and cute.
I can't wait for my little lady to be big enough
to wear skirts like this.

I made the leg-warmers with socks I 
bought at the dollar store.
These are so easy to make. 
I'll put a tutorial up here soon for that....
you can do them in 5 minutes flat.
This semi-homemade stuff is my kind of style
I've decided. It's quick and easy. It's inexpensive
and it's just what a tired momma like myself 
needs right now. I think you may be seeing more
of this semi-homemade stuff from me in the future.


Jolie said...

I love the contrast of the leg warmers and the print in the skirt.'s ok to not have everything homemade.
I like the idea of the "semi". smarter NOT harder :)
Your lil neighbor girl will look so cute in this!!
She's a lucky gal!

Amanda said...

I love the shape of that skirt for a little girl so cute. The polka dots are adorable too.

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