Saturday, November 26, 2011

~wardrobe overhaul~

Back in the days before I became a stay-at-home
momma, I had a REALLY NICE wardrobe.
I worked in a doctors office and I took full
advantage of the dress code. 

I was always in slacks, skirts or dresses.....
even when I went out.  I seldom wore jeans
and in fact, I only owned two pair!
Those were the days when I could spend money
on clothes and not think twice about how practical
it was or if I would be able to wear it with 
anything else. The shoes...well-let's just say
my motto was, "The higher the heel, the better."
I didn't care about comfort and I LOVED
dressing up. I would spend so much time
preparing my outfits each day for work.
It brought me so much pleasure.
It still does......I just don't get to do it much anymore.

After I had my first baby I got rid of most of
my nice clothes within months of giving birth.
I tried them on, they didn't fit the same way they
had before, so I got rid of them out of frustration.
This has been something I have regretted so
many times since then. I didn't allow my body
enough time to recover before getting 
rid of the clothes. The clothes I got rid of
were nice and most of them were classic
pieces that I paid a significant amount of money
for because of that very reason....
timeless pieces that would last.

Now-a year after my last baby, the clothes I did 
keep are fitting me again and I am soooo
mad I don't have the others still.
The chances that I will be able to afford clothes
like that again anytime soon are very slim.

Motherhood and days at home have changed my
wardrobe. Yes-most of what I wore before would
not be practical for my everyday life here with the
kids BUT I could have changed the way I wore
them and what I paired them with. Looking at me
most days now does not convey how much I 
love fashion. It's actually what I went to
college for.....did you know that? 
Although I love sewing clothes and crafts for
my kids and home, I especially love sewing clothes
for myself. I RARELY do that anymore. I get to the whole point of this story-
my wardrobe is in dire need of an overhaul.
After the holidays are over I am going to make
it a project of mine to get my wardrobe back
to a place that I am proud of. I want my closet to be
a place I go to feel happy and inspired.
Because I don't have the spending fund I did in the past,
I'm going to be doing much of this as 
DIY projects. I will be sharing these with you all
in the month of January. 
30 Days of "momma's makeover"
Some of them will be new pieces I make from
scratch, others from pieces I have re-fashioned.
After months and months of kids, home and
Christmas projects...this will feel like a
breath of fresh air for me. 

If you have anything you want to share 
during this time let me know.....I'll gladly share
the floor with you :)


Amanda said...

I still think about all your clothes you got rid of sometimes too... Sad. I'm excited to see what you will do though. I love seeing what you've thought of come to life. Maybe I'll even get some ideas of what to do with the clothes I love that need to be rejuvenated somehow.

Jolie said...

What did you do with your clothes???? Don't tell me you D.I'd them!!!

I like this idea for you to do something for YOURSELF, which I don't think you do nearly enough of. That is what I wanted to share on the floor :)

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