Tuesday, November 22, 2011

~christmas countdowns~

Want a super easy gift idea for your
neighbors, friends or sibling with kids?
I made these Christmas countdowns 
for some folks I know and I want to share
them with you.

The center snow-flake is painted with
chalkboard paint. Each day you erase it
and put the new number of days on it. 
My little guy can't wait to write the new
number on each day. 

To make this you'll need:

-any size frame with glass
(I used 8X10)
-scrapbook paper
-chalkboard paint
-hot glue gun
-printer or stickers for words
-wood disc ornament thingy
(whatever shape you want)
-embellishments of your choice

To start off with I used my Word program
on my computer and printed up the
words "days til Christmas" on my paper.

Next, I fit the paper to the glass of the frame
and wrapped the double layered ribbon around
the glass and paper and taped it in place.
Like this:

Not very pretty from the back but no one will see that.
After you have that done put the whole thing back into the 
frame and attach the frame backing board.
From the front it will look something like this:
 Now the fun part:

go ahead and embellish this however you'd like.
I used fancy snowflakes I got at the dollar store.

Hot glue them directly to the glass and ribbon.
Once you're done embellishing you can put your
little chalkboard piece on.
I was initially going to make a hanging ribbon
with the chalk attached but instead decided
to use the ribbon as a pocket for the chalk.
Like this:
That's it.
I made 4 of them in a short amount of time.

  33 days and counting!
I'm not ready for Christmas yet and it's 
driving me insane.....
Once I get thru 2 kids birthdays and
Thanksgiving dinner (all in 12 days)
I can focus on Christmas.
I hope I don't go crazy within that time.
I'll keep you posted on that :)

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Amanda said...

Very cute. I'm rethinking some of my gifts now...I'll let ya know if I need some help with that.

Jolie said...

freakin cute!!!!!
i REALLY like these paula!!
totally an item you could sell!

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