Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~bookshelf re-do~

I've been looking for a little tiny bookshelf
for my little lady's birthday.
I don't need something permanent yet,
just something for her little board books
temporarily until she gets a little taller.
I want to eventually install 
some nice ones on the wall. 

I couldn't find one small enough and
realized finally that I would have to 
make do with something else.
I found a small bathroom shelf at 
the Salvation Army for $2.
I wiped it down and disinfected it
before spray painting it glossy white. 

Next I cut a piece of fabric to fit the 
dimensions of the back of the shelf.
I used spray adhesive to attach it.
Be sure to flatten it down on all sides and 
ends with a credit card or something. 
 The final step was gluing some ribbon onto
the edge of the top shelf. I ripped it off thinking
I was going to replace all of the edging but 
realized as soon as I did that it was going to 
be more work than I wanted to do.
Because of this I had to cover it 
with something else.
I used some ribbon I had on hand.

 I am pleased with the final result.
It will do for now,
especially taking into consideration 
that it only cost $2.
I had all the other supplies on hand.
Knowing my little gal,
this will be a great form of entertainment
for her. She'll rip the books out,
look at them, chew on them and
then try to stack them back on it.


Jolie said...

This turned out adorable!!! I love the different patterns that you put together. It looks fun and inviting! The bookends look like they fit right in!!! The babe will have hours of fun with this!

Dawn said...

So cute!!!

Unknown said...

Seriously Paula?! This is so amazing! Your kids are lucky to have you!

irum@dubaicraftermom.blogspot.com said...

Great work Paula... I am ur latest follower.

visit my blog...

Amanda said...

I thought I already commented on this, but I freaking love it!!! Very cute. It always amazes me at how you can recreate just about anything. I love it I wish I had so many ideas. Good thing I have you to go to.

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