Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~ kids shirt transformation~

There were a few shirts I loved on my little
guy when he was a baby that I couldn't bear to
throw away. I kept them 
because I wanted to put them on my little girl too.
I figured if I paired them with
a skirt or something girly that it wouldn't 
look so obvious that it was a boys.
Well-I tried that and it still looked like a boys shirt.
I decided I needed to do something different
to "girlify" the shirt a little.

Here was the shirt before:
And here is the shirt after:
I just added a pink bow to the head.
Use whatever color ribbon you want and make
the bow the size you need.
Pin it on the shirt and sew the bow on either side
of the center where it ties:
The bow is secure and although the bow is small,
I think it gives it just the feminine touch it needed 
without taking away from the 
simple cuteness of the shirt.
Maybe I'll add a little tutu made out of tulle too!
Oooh....that would be cute.
Will let you know how that turns out.


Jolie said...

too cute!!!

a pink bandaid on the knee would be adorable too

Amanda said...

Very cute, good job. I think it looks just the right amount of girly now.

Megan said...

SO cute!

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