Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~self-binding comforter~

I don't know about you guys, but to me,
there's nothing like a blanket made especially
for you by someone who loves you.
Wrapping up in a handmade blanket is 
equivalent to that person wrapping their arms
around you, protecting you and loving you.

When my little guy was born (5 years ago) he 
got so many beautiful blankets. From bassinet to 
crib to toddler bed; I had sizes and shapes for each stage....
handmade from loved ones and given to me at
my baby showers.
(I remember each and every one of them :) )

It was only natural that when he moved out of
his toddler bed and into his "big boy" bed that I
wanted him to have a comforter made just for him.
About a year prior to this, my husband came home
with some adorable fabric with John Deere tractors
arranged to look as if it was camouflage
disclaimer: my hubs doesn't go to the fabric store...
he found it for $1/yard at our FAVORITE secret
treasure store and couldn't pass it up. He got 
like 5 or 6 yards of it.
I knew immediately once I set my mind on making
the comforter that this was the material I wanted to use.
I wanted something very easy and simple.
I have made a lot of the self-binding baby blankets and
I thought, "Why couldn't I make the same style, just bigger?"
So....I did.
Do you know how easy this was?
I used a queen size sheet for the binding/back fabric.
The most difficult part of this project was finding a place large
enough to lay it out and pin it....
and bending over to do it (I was very pregnant 
when I made this last year).

I just laid out the sheet then placed the quilt batting
down on top of the sheet. Next I laid the flannel camo
fabric down and pinned it all around.
I don't have a link for a self binding tutorial but I'm
sure there are a ton swirling thru
the blogosphere. If you can't find one
and you're interested in making one of these let me know
and I'll try and get some instructions to you.
The trickiest part is the corners.
You basically have to do it the opposite
way you think it should be done. 
For the pillow case I just took some of the fabric
and ironed on a chubby monogrammed "E".

I gave it to him for Christmas LAST YEAR.....
YES-it has taken me this long to blog about it.

He loves it.
And I love finding him wrapped in it
all warm and snuggly :)
Some nights when I tuck him in he
smiles and says, 
"Momma-you made this blanket for me because
you love me don't you?"
"Yes a matter of fact, I do love you."

Total cost for this was under $20.

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Jolie said...

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