Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~good mascara~

Most women have a make-up item they
CANNOT live without.
Mine is mascara.
And let me tell ya....
I've tried a lot of them out there. 

Mascara is tricky for me because
 it needs to go on thick,
last all day and not smudge under my
eyes. That last part is a bit tricky because
I have to wear lots of concealer nowadays
to cover up those gawd-awful bags
under my eyes. 

Here's my current mascara:
"they're Real!"

Goes on thick.
Stays on all day.

The end of the applicator took some getting 
used to for me. The first couple times I used it
I poked myself in the eye....
that resulted in a great raccoon look!

I have had problems with it smudging
but it doesn't happen each time.
It DOESN'T smudge more often
than it DOES smudge....if that 
accounts for anything???
It will cost you about $25.
A price I'm willing to pay if it 
does all I need it to do and wears
throughout the day with no smudging. 

Next I'm going to try DIOR mascara.
I've heard that's good.
Have any of you tried it?
What is your favorite mascara?
(and if you tell me the $6 Maybeline Great Lash
I'm going to scream-I've tried it and it
doesn't work for me. It seems to be a 
favorite for a lot of women.) 

By the way.....
I always keep this mascara as a back up:

 Mary Kay's
"Lash Love"
It's in the $12 range and actually
works so good that I don't know why
I keep trying new mascaras. 

What's in your make-up bag?
And if you believed my statement about mascara
being the one make-up item I can't live without,
you give me too much credit.
In reality.....
...THIS is all the stuff I can't live without :)

 Ok-not really but sort of.

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Jolie said...

CAN NOT live without eyebrow color gel...mascara (I try new ones all the time, but still love the one in green bottle..think its revlon) grey charcoal eyeliner, luminous powder and of course lip shine/gloss/stick. i've been using my watermelon colored lip gloss as blush. i heard that you shouldn't use powdered blush when you get old like me. a gel rouge is more age appropriate to make skin look healthy.
an eyelash curler is something i never needed...guess thats good?

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