Friday, April 27, 2012

~closet peek-a-boo~

 I am having so much fun with these posts
about my outfits! I love laying the outfits out,
taking the pictures, making the collages and
writing all about the clothes I wear.
I hope you enjoy them too.

Here's a peek at what I wore this week:

I told you last week you'd see a lot of these blue pants
and I wasn't kidding. No special occasion for this
outfit......a typical day here at home with the kids 
and a few errands (shuttle kids to pre-school, library, etc.).

Note to self; take these pics BEFORE throwing clothes
into the dirty clothes and then digging them back
out to take the pictures.
 Again, no special occasion with this outfit.
Typical day with the kids.....and some VERY nice 
spring weather.
 I wore this outfit last Saturday. 
Most of the day consisted of hanging out at home
with my baby. In the evening I went over to a friend's
house where we visited and had dinner.
I love dresses and tend to wear a lot of them, 
especially in the summer time. 
However, I'm still nursing so it makes dress
wearing a little tricky. Unless it's got easy boob
access-it's just not realistic right now. This
particular dress is one of my favorites and I'm 
not even embarrassed to admit that it's a 
maternity dress. I got it when I was pregnant with
my first baby and have kept it because it's such a 
great, classic, comfortable dress. 
It's so versatile, I can dress it up or
dress it down. I'll keep this until it's worn out.
Finally, this outfit was another hang around the house day.
Comfortable and easy. Believe it or not, the shoes
are actually really comfy and easy to walk in.
The shirt is another cheap, trendy piece to add
to my summer wardrobe. I'm seeing a lot of really
bright colors and I thought this would be a fun
way to throw some of that into my wardrobe this summer.
It was $5 at Walmart.
You'll be seeing a lot of it :)

In case you're wondering, 
my week was as boring as it sounds!
Nothing too exciting, which is actually just fine.
However....we are going out tomorrow night
and it's gonna be fun! You'll see that outfit
on next week's closet peek-a-boo.

Have a great weekend and remember,
wear what YOU love and what YOU
feel attractive in. 
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Linda said...

Babe-I love to see what you are wearing-wish I were closer to see you in all these cute outfits! Love you!

Jolie said...

why do we not see YOU in these hottie outfits???
pics of you in them please :)

i love to see your jewelry that you've had from long ago...i recently lost one of my fav, fav, fav pair of silver hoops that i've had for over 20 years! i'm so in mourning right now. there really isn't anything like them in the stores to replace them with.....and the other 42,000 pairs that I have, are just not the same.

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