Friday, April 20, 2012

~spring outfits~

 I love seeing what other people wear.
Lots of bloggers do it and I want to join the chorus.
I love fashion and I love putting outfits together.
Back before I had kids, I would put outfits
together for hours when I got bored.
Needless to say, that hasn't happened not even ONCE
since I've become a mother. 

I'm gonna be honest, most days it seems I migrate
towards all the "easy" outfits in my closet.
(Translation: jeans, tank top and hoodie jacket)
Before I had kids I NEVER wore jeans. 
No joke-I owned 3 pair of jeans and I rarely wore them.
Now I own about 10-15 pair of jeans and wear them daily.

The main reason for this is simply the lack of time.
I forget what outfits I've put together and liked and because
I don't have the time to put into it daily, I revert to the "easy."
So-this is also an attempt at a portfolio of cute outfits I like
that I can go to when I don't have the time but want
to look like I did.  
I think I'm going to make it a weekly post.
I had a ton of fun taking pics of my outfits and making
them into collages. In case you're wondering,
it's much easier for me to photograph the clothes off
me than on me....obviously.

Here we go.
Here's three outfits I wore this week and loved.
 This outfit was a no special occasion outfit.
I wore it on Wednesday to do all the normal stuff
I do on Wednesdays; housework, errands, kids, etc.
Easy, casual, comfortable but stylish.
I forgot to put on there that the scarf is vintage
from a thrift store many years ago.
The only new piece from this outfit is the shirt. 
I got it a couple months ago for $3.
All the rest I've had for years.
Oh and also the zipper bracelet...I made it for myself
this past week.
 This outfit I wore one night to go out with a friend
for some drinks. You will be seeing a lot of these
blue jeans. They were one of my trendy seasonal splurges
this year and I am LOVING them!
The pants and the flip flops were the only recent purchases
for this outfit. All the rest I've had for a long time...
I'm talking years. A side story to the red bracelet. This 
is OLD. I bought it with hard earned babysitting 
money when I was 14 years old. I remember riding
my bike to KMart to buy it....for $4.
That was in  1989!

 This is the outfit I wore to the fashion show on Tuesday.
I loved it and felt great in it.
The shirt is boobalicious in a non-slutty way.
This outfit is a great example of the type of
clothes you spend more money on because
they are classic pieces and will last for years and years.

The black shirt under the jacket is from Victoria's Secret.
I've had it for 10 years and it still looks brand new.
The jeans are J-Crew.....$7 from a thrift store.
They are my favorite jeans.
The jacket is the most expensive piece in my
wardrobe that I've ever purchased.
It is the softest leather you have ever touched.
I got it at Arden B about seven years ago for 
well over $100....and that was the sale price!
It is my favorite piece of clothing because I
always feel like a million bucks when I wear it.
Pair it with the necklace (my favorite one)
and it's enough to make me love drunk.

Those are my favorite outfits of the week.
I hope you enjoyed the peek into my closet :)
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susie said...

I love that you are doing this. My wardrobe needs a kick in the butt (but, you already knew that) maybe this will help me! Love you

Jolie said...

all so very fun and different.
i LOVED seeing you in the arden b leathahhhh outfit!!! TOP NOTCH!!!

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