Sunday, April 15, 2012

~DIY bridal shower gifts~

 Need a good idea for a bridal shower or wedding gift?
I made all this for my cousin's bridal shower for $25.
Some of the supplies I had on hand, which is why 
it was so cheap but even if you had to purchase them,
it would still be inexpensive. 

The theme of the bridal shower was
"let's help them fill the rooms of their house"
My room assignment was the living room.
I browsed thru their online registry at Target and Walmart
to give myself an idea of what their decorating colors 
and style will be. 

They are registered for shelves so I decided to 
give them things they could decorate their shelves with.
This is what I came up with:
 Photos printed onto tissue paper and mod-podged onto
canvas. SO EASY! I used some of their engagement pics.
If you want to learn how to do this check out the
tutorial at Sarah's Never-Ending Projects.
This one is a 5x7. I used the flat canvas because I wanted
to frame them. You can also use the wrapped canvas frames
if you prefer. The flat ones are cheaper. I got a
package of three for $3 at Michael's.
 This one is 11x14.
I was worried at first when my tissue paper wasn't
going on smooth but in the end I like the way it 
looks being a little wrinkled.
 Initially I tried to do it with red tissue paper
because I didn't have any plain white and I didn't 
want to go buy any but it didn't look good on the 
bigger canvas's. So-with the red picture I had already printed,
I mod-podged onto a wooden "N" I got at
Michael's for $1.50. It looks better in real life.
The photo is very subtle and the red gives it a 
a nice pop of color.
 Another shot of the items they can put on their shelves.
I got the ivy plant at Walmart and put it in a small red
mug so it will fit on a small shelf. I paid $4.50 for the
plant and the mug combined. Also-the subway
art was purchased as Walmart for $3.50.
I almost didn't give it to her because I want
to keep it for my house. Maybe I'll go back and get one.

 This throw pillow was made with fabric scraps
I had on hand. To get the "N" monogrammed on the
pillow I used tape to mark off an "N" and then
lightly spray painted the fabric. Once the paint
was dry I pulled the tape off and voila...
I had an "N". I was going to use piping for
the edges but didn't want to go back to the 
store to get any so I just used red fabric I had
here to make a ruffled edge.

 I like to give newlywed couples
an ornament for their first Christmas.
That's what was in this package:
The package is an empty container of baby snack puffs
wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.
I put some tissue paper in it and nestled the 
ornament right in the middle of it.
Again, I used one of their engagement photos
to fill the bulb, some feathers and a saying about love. 
I had all these on hand.

If you want more info about making the
ornaments, you can click here

I was so happy with how everything turned out and I think
she did too. If you like the look of pictures
on canvas but don't want to spend a ton of
money doing it, this is the way to go!
I'm going to do some for my house next.
I can't wait!

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Jolie said...

Wow Paula!!!!
Amazing work!
I would say that they were very spoiled by your personalized gifts!!! These are gifts that will stay in their home forever.

susie said...

LOVE all of it! My house is in major need of all of that, you know you could totally do something like that for your FAVORITE little sister! I would gladly accept it! Love you xoxo

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