Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~baby shower brunch~

Last Saturday I had a little get-together 
for a good friend who's 
pregnant with her 2nd baby.
Because it's her 2nd baby and another boy,
she didn't want another baby shower.
However, I was able to talk her into an
intimate little brunch, celebrating her 
and her soon to arrive baby :)

At first I was thinking I would do fancy and
pretty. I had all sorts of great ideas but as
the time got closer, I decided to go with
a bright, cheery and youthful decor instead.
 A good friend of ours made these cute place
setting cards with her new Silhouette machine....
JEALOUS! Aren't they adorable?
I made the holder with a couple blocks
from my kids' toy stash. I just glued them together
and attached a clothes pin to the back with
a dab of hot glue.
 I made these jars filled with goodies 
for each lady to take home with her. 
A small mason jar adorned with fabric scraps
and a baby's safety pin. I found the 
cute safety pins at the dollar store.
They were filled with brownie bites and 
chocolate dipped macaroons. 
 I used all my plain white plates for the
settings and I realized once I got the table
set up that I didn't have any more for the 
3-tiered tray I was going to put the food on.
I had to do a little improv....
I took some colored tissue paper I had on 
hand and covered the plates (that didn't match)
before placing the food on them. It ended up 
looking alright once I got the food on the trays.
I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the food!
I served quiche, hash-brown casserole, croissants,
carrot cake-cream cheese filled muffins and fruit. 

For the table decorations I used bright colored
toys from my kids :) cheap and easy. 

I made these fabric scrap covered styrofoam balls
and attached them to a dowel to put in with 
the flowers. I liked the simplistic statement 
they made incorporated with the white tulips. 
 I used my plain white table ware for the settings
and topped each plate off with an individual little 
fruit cup. I used fabric scraps I had on hand
for ALL of these things.

 I got this book and had each guest sign it
with a personalized message. LOVED this idea
instead of signing a guest book.

For the finishing touches on the window behind
the table I put these ADORABLE medallions
made by my friend and her famous 
Silhouette machine. Have I mentioned how
badly I want to get my hands on one of them? 

 To make the bunting strung across the window,
I went to the dollar store and got a colorful kids book.
The book was Dumbo. I used
the pages to make the bunting and I didn't feel
so badly about ripping up a perfectly good book
because it was only a dollar. The illustrations
and colors were exactly what I had in mind 
when I envisioned the project initially.

 It ended up being exactly what we
intended when we planned it.....
small, intimate, laid back and celebratory. 
We missed you ladies who couldn't be with us
(you know who you are).
Megan-thank you so much for your help with 
the decorations.....they were PERFECT!

Congrats Adrianne and Dom!
We can't wait to meet the little fella. 

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Jolie said...

Awe :) That turned out just wonderful Paula!!! I love all the safety pin details and the array of color. The menu sounded DElish!!!

Wish I coulda been there :(

Congratulations Adrianne and fam!!!

segura2salazar said...

Paula, you are so right! It turned out just perfect! I am always amazed at your creativity and thoughtfulness! thanks you for the wonderful brunch and the sweet gifts and all the hard work! I love ya to death! Also, a thank you shout out to Megan! You and Paula are now being renamed Martha 1 and Martha 2 in my book! You both rock my world and are two of the best friends a girls could ask for!

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