Saturday, December 8, 2012

~christmas wreaths for graves~

 To some of you it may sound morbid but I love making
pretty things to put on the graves of my loved ones.
Makes it feel like it's still something I can do for them.

Grandma and I headed over to the cemetery a couple
days ago to decorate Grandpa and my Mother-in-law's
graves. I've never been able to take anything to her
for Christmas before...either because there was too 
much snow or just because I didn't think of it in time.
I made her a pretty little wreath with supplies I got 
at the Dollar Store. In total it cost me $4. 
Here's what a $4 Christmas wreath looks like:
angel ornament-$1
silver poinsetta flowers-$1
silver tipped pine foliage-$1  
 As you can see up's not necessarily
the best of quality but it's going to be outside,
in the winter cold, wind and elements so I
didn't want to spend an insane amount of $$$ on it.   

 I printed up a family picture of us, covered it with
a taped Ziploc baggie and stuck it in the pine cone.
I stuck it thru a wooden dowel and stuck 
the dowel into the ground.   
 Look at those beautiful mountains in the background.
What a majestic view for a "resting place".

Grandma told me she made 
"an arrangement with some old, ratty decorations"
she found in her basement. This is not what
I was expecting when I picked her up:

Isn't it beautiful?
I told her it made mine look ratty. 
I have a couple more to make today.
Tune in for some pics of those.
Have a great weekend. 

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Jolie said...

Oh Paula....those are very nice!
And Gma rocks the crafts!!!!

Jolie said... eyes are getting so bad i can barely see the letters and numbers to type in so my comment goes thru!!
it takes a few times....i think my eyes need to go to the grave! ugh

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