Sunday, December 9, 2012

~personalized book for kids-gift idea~

 Back in September I discovered a free photo book
offer at Shutterfly again. GREAT!
Problem was, it ended that night.
I couldn't let a free photo book offer go to waste
so I decided to throw a book together that
I'd been wanting to do for awhile.
I took pictures of my son's favorite toy
"doing things" throughout the day while
he was at school and made it a story.
It was actually a lot of fun coming
up with ideas for the pages.   
Once I got the pictures, I plugged them into the 
book and the story just took off.
 Disclaimer: the pics are NOT the greatest quality.

 My son LOVED it! 
I gave it to him for his birthday.
The next day when I took him to school he said,
"I told MACK to do a few things while I'm at school."
Seriously? This is definitely my kid......

Total time it took to make this book,
including taking the pictures, was only 1.5 hours.
For those of you looking for a fun, personalized
gift for that kid on your Christmas list, 
this is your GOLDMINE!
Easy, affordable (even if it's not free)
and something they'll remember forever......
because COME ON-
when you were a little kid
didn't you think your toys played and did
things when you were gone?
I sure did.

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Jolie said...

What an AWESOME idea!!!!

It had to have been fun taking Mack on a photo shoot!!!

I can see why he loved it.

Good job momma!

Jolie said...

btw: i loved the "is it this kids nap time yet?"

the whole book is funny funny cute!!

susie said...

LOVE the book, so glad he did too! xoxo

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