Friday, December 7, 2012

~daily Christmas advent activities with books~

cutest advent activities and gifts for each of
us kids and our families.
She put so much time and money into it and 
it was something I was hoping to do each year.
I wasn't on the ball enough to do it last year.

This year, I thought about it in time but didn't
want to buy things to add to our already
insane amount of Christmas decorations
or kids toys. I saw an idea on the blog
MADE last year and decided to give it a go
for my family this Christmas;
a book to read each day until Christmas.
I didn't want to go buy any so I just 
gathered up all the Christmas books we
already had here at the house.
 I was a few shy of having enough for each day
so I added in a coloring book for the kids, 
a Christmas game, some mugs and a couple 
activities (like looking at the lights down-town,
cookie making and ornament making) to the gifts.
I had all these at home.
I wrapped them up and put numbers on them
to correspond with the days we will open them.
         When my kid opened the first day's he said,
"Hey! This book isn't new! I already have this!"
I think he was a bit disappointed initially but it
passed as soon as we sat down to read the book.
Now it's the first thing he wants to do when
he gets out of bed each morning.     

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Jolie said...

old or make the spirit shine bright!
taking the time is priceless!

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