Friday, November 30, 2012

~wire wrapped ring~

 I love organic, primitive looking jewelry.
This ring was totally made by accident while
I was trying to make another ring, getting
directions from my Mom on how to do it.
I learned that my Mom is really not good
at directing me thru a project. She told me I needed
36 inches of wire to start with.......for one ring! 
Once we realized it was waaaayyyyyy
too much wire, I snipped off the excess and
just started bending and wrapping it around the
ring mandrel. This is what I ended up with:
           I've been wearing it everyday since.....
I love it. 
(Pretend my hands don't look so old and dry in this picture.)

The "real" ring we were trying to make........
It stands about an inch off my finger.
I am NOT exaggerating either.
I don't know why I don't have a picture of it.  
I've got lots of wire projects in the works.
Well.....not actually "in the works".
It's more accurate to say that I have lots of
wire projects in my head and on my list.
We'll see how many of them I actually get to.
I'm not busting my ass this year to get things done.
I'm tired.       
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Jolie said...

looks light and simple to wear daily.
i have a ring that i wear on my pointer finger's become a part of me and my finger feels lonely if i forget to put it on.....and my hands look weird without it cuz im used to seeing it.

Amanda said...

very cute. I wish I had the patience to make stuff. It just makes me frustrated cuz I know what I did wrong in the process.

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