Wednesday, November 28, 2012

~gift for the writer or journaler~

For those of you looking for inexpensive but
meaningful and useful gift ideas this holiday
season, I think this is a good one for the
person who journals.     
This little journal was a gift I gave my son's
teacher for her wedding last month. 
I don't know her very well and I don't 
know how she decorates so I felt this was
a safe gift. I figured even if she doesn't journal
she could use it for a notebook in her purse 
or household. Luckily-she loved it and said
she does journal. I received a very nice journal
from a dear friend for my 30th birthday
and to this day it's been one of my favorite gifts.

How are y'all coming along with your
Christmas shopping? Do you have a ton
of projects to finish? I have a fair amount
to bust out.....most seem like they should
be simple but things tend to take longer
than I anticipate. It's mostly jewelry that
needs made-thank heavens it's something
I LOVE to do. I never tire of making jewelry.
I especially love to make jewelry pieces
for those I love.....I like to put a little 
personal touch into each piece.
Next up I'll be sharing a ring I made (by accident)
and a necklace that someone made 
especially for me :)
The most time consuming of my projects.....
photo books and calendars.
I love making them but they are sooooo
time consuming.
However, worth every single minute put into them.

If anyone knows of any free photo book offers
right now-LET ME KNOW! 
Usually I find some before now and I still
haven't seen any this holiday season.

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April said... usually always has free books but they take a while to ship from China. don't know if that will work in time for Christmas.

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