Sunday, November 4, 2012

~still here....~

It's been a busy month and I have some fun
projects to share....if only I could find the time.
Halloween has come and gone-did you dress up?
My husband and I went to a Halloween party.
The theme was dead celebrities.
Here's my costume: 
 Amy Winehouse...the cigarette is a prop....
but it is real. I was terribly afraid that I would
be tempted to start smoking again by the 
end of the evening. I didn't smoke it but it sure
was fun holding it all evening and posing with it.
It turns out, the accomplishment of 13 years being
smoke free is a greater feeling than the urge
and desire to smoke the cigarette was. 
woot woot!

I did make my son's costume.
He was Kick-Buttowski..suburban daredevil.

       His costume on Halloween night had a big 
collar on it like this but I forgot to attach it
when I took these pics.     
  The costume was simple to make and he loved it.
Only problem is, he tries to actually BE
a daredevil when he wears it. Right after I snapped
this picture he and his bike fell of the rock
and skinned his leg. In real life my kid has a face....
but you'll never see it on here.  

Now we begin the busy season of birthdays,
family, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a 
MILLION projects to be finished before it 
all comes and goes. My current project,
a quiet book for my daughter's 2nd birthday.
Less than three weeks away.....
and I haven't started it yet. 
I foresee some very late nights in the near future.         

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