Wednesday, November 28, 2012

~girls quiet book~

 I can hear choirs singing as I post this....
the quiet book is done and gifted.
It was a big hit. My little lady loves it.
I am pleased with the overall result but I feel
like it's not as good or detailed as the other
quiet books I've made in the past. My Mom
reminded me that in the past when I made the
other 2 quiet books, I wasn't chasing around
a 2 year old. TRUE! Good news is,
I made this so that I can add pages to it as
time allows. What you see here is just the
beginning pages. I already have ideas for
pages I will add to it. Lots of pictures here so 
I'm going to get on with it. 
the book is bigger than the last girl's quiet book
I did. It measures about 9 X 12. I really like how
my son can throw other stuff in with his quiet book
in the bag so I decided to go with a bag for this one too
rather than handles on the actual book.  
Here's the bag:
 Messenger style made with vintage denim.        

 The book fits in nice and snug but leaves 
enough room for additional books or gadgets.
 The front: 
 I used these round binder clips to hold it together.
I thought it needed a little fancying up so I 
added the bow to each clip. These are her little hands.
 The first page is balloons that spell her name.
She can take them off and put them back on.

 The next page is filled with shapes for her to match up.

 This page is a cookie jar filled with cookies.
 OREOS and chocolate chip cookies of course.
 This is her favorite page.
Make-up and a mirror......she LOVES this!
 I made the make-up with lids to lift up.
I used clear plastic material for the lid.
I wanted it to seem real to her

 I made a make-up bag to hold the brushes and felt
lipstick and mascara. I also threw a real chapstick 
and some hair clips in there.
 I attached a ring and some clip on earrings I made
onto the page with the hand held mirror and comb. 
I'm sure you've guessed by now that my little
lady loves to play dress up.
 Here is the front of the mirror.
I made it with a plastic mirror and very thick
Pelon in between the felt layers.
I put her name on the back of the mirror. 

 This was the easiest page:
 A puzzle to put together.
I put a little dab of Velcro on each puzzle piece.
Velcro sticks to felt for those of you who don't know.
I also did this with another puzzle and put it in 
a ziploc baggie to go in the big bag.   
 I like the way this page turned out too:
 An apple tree with apples and a bucket on one side
and the clothesline with little clothespins and 
felt clothes on the other page.

 I always put a big pocket in my quiet books to
put stickers, paper, crayons, etc. in
I made this pocket with some vintage corduroy I have. 

 I filled it with these things....all found at the dollar store.
 To close it I attached some ribbon to the front and back
covers and tied it off. That holds it together enough
to keep the goodies in it. 

I'm so glad I finished it on time and that it's loved.
 I feel bad it's not as 
great as my son's but I'm hoping as time
goes on and she gets a little older and
can play with more things (without breaking them)
I will add some really cute pages to this.

My son still plays with his and I feel that these
quiet books are going to be one of those
"special toys" that my kids will keep and cherish....
even when they are too old to play with them.
Maybe give to their kids one day :) 
I still have some of the special things my momma
made for me growing up;
a purse, a doll, doll clothes, a doll carry-all,
my first school bag, a graduation dress 
(that I never wore-I feel so bad about this!),
I should show you some of this handmade love.
It's what inspires me to do these things for my kids.
I remember how special it made me feel
when my Mom made me stuff.  
I'm going to dig it out.

Now that I've shared this I can get on with some other 
projects......AT LAST!    

To see my son's quiet book click (here).
To see the other girl's quiet book I made click (here).     
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Jolie said... astound me with the detail, heart and sewl that you invest in these books of love.
These are, in my opinion, the most creative and genius things that you make!!!! I am in awe by the make-up page. OMG!!! What little girl wouldn't love this?!?!? I can see baby girl spending hours meticulously holding and placing each piece with her itty bitty fingers. You are fortunate to be a daughter of a talented mother that showered you with homemade love gifts.....and you are carrying on the tradition with heightened talent. I have a good feeling baby girl will be blessed with the natural sewing/creative talent too. She is sooooo your mini-me! I'm very proud of you Paula!!!
You are an inspiration and one hell of a good momma!!!! love you

and btw.....this book is perfect!!! don't think it is anything less than that!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wow. I am blown away! I am trying to get crafty this holiday and inevitably it leaves me frustrated. I think the little clothesline page is my favorite. Nice job!

Amanda said...

I think it turned out great, and she will cherish it forever.

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