Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~Pinspiration-St. Patrick's Day~

I've never done anything for my family for
St. Patrick's Day....other than dress them 
in green or pinch their cute cheeks :) 
I don't want my kids to think that every
"holiday" warrants a gift or a big ridiculous
celebration.  That being said,
I've found a couple cute things on Pinterest
that I think I might try this year.

I love the idea of a green breakfast.
I have to make them breakfast anyway....
I might as well make it all green.
This breakfast from the blog eighteen25 is so cute.
I'm not going to go full out with the 
printables and food labels but I'm definitely
going to be making the green food.

This is something I can't wait to do with my little guy:
Leprechaun traps!
How cute is this?
This idea is from Family Fun and it looks like they 
have a couple other cute ideas to catch those
pesky leprechauns! Check them out. 

How cute is this......
...pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow

Click on any of these pictures to be directed
to the sites mentioned. 

Do you do anything special for St. Patrick's Day?
I'm curious to find out if most people 
celebrate it or blow it off as another
silly holiday that isn't really a holiday.....
you know what I mean right?
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susie said...

We usually always make a leprechaun trap. The first year we did it, I died sugar green and spread it out on the table for a path to the trap and plus the kids needed to look for tracks. Turns out the leprechaun did leave tracks (a barbie doll has the same size foot as a leprechaun) he left them some salt water taffy. They LOVED it, so now it's tradition. I love the rainbow candy. SO CUTE, that's what our leprechaun will leave this year. :)

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