Sunday, March 18, 2012

~our leprechaun trap~

We made our leprechaun trap.
Want to see?

We made our trap out of a 1 liter soda bottle.
My husband cut the top off and then we used
scrapbook paper and a glue gun to decorate it.
We made the little ladder out of twigs from our yard.
It's primitive I know, but hey, it's our first leprechaun trap.  
We didn't have gold to bait it with so we
left pennies instead :)
We didn't catch the little bugger but
he did leave the kids a treat.
 Chocolate coins wrapped in green foil.

This was the extent of our green breakfast. 
I told you it wasn't going to be over the top.

I taped these Styrofoam shamrocks ($$ store)
to toothpicks and stuck them in the food.

Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day. 
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