Friday, March 2, 2012

~handmade purses and such~

One of the first things I ever recall sewing
was a purse. I think I was about 4 or 5 years old
and I took a scrap of fabric from my Mom's 
sewing stash, folded it in half, hand stitched
up the sides and tied a handle to holes on each side.
It was very primitive as far as purses go
but for a small kid I suppose it was alright. 

Since then I've made lots of purses.
To me, purses are fun to make because

A-you can make them as easy or difficult
as you want to.
B-you can use virtually any type of fabric
to do so.
C-they are usually pretty quick to whip up.
D-I love purses!

Here's a few purses I've made over the years.
I've posted them on here before but for 
those new readers of mine I thought I'd
re post pics of them. Plus...I've got 
purses on the mind :)
Thinking of making another one.
Click on any of the pictures to be redirected 
to the individual post about each one.
The zipper purse I made for my little lady :)
The Nook storage pouch I made for my adorable cousin.
Clutch purse made from an old Elton John T-shirt....
I use this purse a lot when I go out.
Clutch I made from a personalized t-shirt for 
Jolie's 40th b-day. One of my favorites!
I spent a lot of time making sure everything
was just right on this.  
The child's duffel bag I made for my little guy.
Not one of my best and I even used a pattern on this :(
He loves it's seen a lot of miles.
 The coupon/shopping organizer I made for 
my friend, Monika. Recognize the fabric?
I had some of this left over and made the nook
cover for my cousin too. 

I didn't realize there would be so many until
I got knee deep into this post. 
I can think of a blue hobo bag I made years 
and years ago for a certain bachelorette party 
weekend in you remember that Jolie?
I gotta find that and take pics of it.
I wonder if it's as cute as I thought it was.
Hope you've enjoyed the stroll down 
memory lane :)

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Amanda said...

You always make cute little bags. And even though I may have a new nook, I still use my pouch every single day. Its awesome.

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