Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~my St.Patty's day decorations~


Before I had kids, St. Patrick's Day was
just an excuse to go drink green beer with
my friends after work. Back then most of
the bars would hand out free green beaded
necklaces on St. Patrick's Day. I'm sure they
were getting them for free from the booze
companies because they usually had some
 cheap plastic pendant dangling, advertising
their product. I think I got them for 
every holiday. In fact, don't look too closely at
the pictures from my son's recent pirate birthday may see some of these necklaces 
adorning the tables. 

Who would have ever thought
10 years ago that the cheap plastic Jagermeister necklace
would become a favorite toy of both of my kids
and something that I would end up using
to decorate with at my own child's birthday party? neither. 

Whew...I got off topic there and now I feel 
In the past I haven't really decorated for
St. Patrick's Day. I got a couple cute decorations
as gifts for Christmas and my birthday so I decided
to do a little decorating this year.
Here is the shelf in my living room that has become
the centerpiece of most of my holiday decorations.
I've been having fun decorating it for each holiday
and my son gets so excited any opportunity we
get to put something different and festive up. 

You probably remember the cute shamrock bunting
that my friend made me for my birthday.
Doesn't it look cute hung up?
I wanted to make one of these and do a giveaway
for St. Patrick's Day but I didn't get around to
it soon enough. We've all been sick here 
for the past two weeks and it's thrown everything
off schedule. Sorry :(

The other gift that you may or may not remember is
the framed St. Patty's Day saying..."keep calm...".
I got it as a gift for Christmas from a good friend
that I can switch it out with.  

The random shamrocks you see on the shelf
are something I got at the Dollar Store. There
were several in a package and I just glued some
to a few dowels and placed them in an old
1/2 pint jar I had. The others I simply taped to 
my candle and plant. Nothing fancy.

 Wouldn't it have looked cute if I'd painted the
dowels gold? I thought of that but didn't have
the ambition to follow thru with it. I threw this
all together last night. I love old jars and this
is one of my favorites!

My new favorite St. Patrick's Day decoration:
The leprechaun my son made at pre-school
last week. Apparently he likes monster trucks.
This will be one that I keep :)

So, I have a project to share that I'm a bit 
embarrassed with how it turned out but
I'm going to share it anyway.
You can make one and learn from my mistakes.
Let me show you the product first
and then I'll tell you what I do and don't like about it. 
Don't laugh.
 You're laughing aren't you?
Either that or saying to yourself,
"I can't believe she's blogging about that."
This blog is a collaboration of my hits and misses.
This, my friends, is an example of one of my misses.

First off-I intended for it to look like 
scrabble subway art. The first thing
I did wrong was the fabric I chose to cover my
board. I think it would have been better had
I used a solid color. The polka-dots make it 
a bit busy....then throw in the zebra print
shamrock and it's a hot mess. 
Then let's add the way I spelled St. Patty-
I don't know if it's correct or not but when
I read it on here I think of Patty like a woman
or a beef patty. Hey-other than those
things.....I like it. I thought the rainbow
tiles colored were a cute touch and I 
like the words I chose. I even like the shamrock
and think it would look better if 
the background was solid.

 I suppose
I could rip all this off and re-cover the board
with a plain green fabric....I have some.
Uh that's going to happen.
I was too lazy to paint the dowels-remember?
So, I'll leave it like this for now.
But next time.....

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Amanda said...

Very cute! I am still jealous of that bunting, I WANT IT!!! It will go so well with my reading corner that I will blog about very soon.

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