Friday, March 9, 2012

~goldfish high-rise~

We finally let the kids get a pet.
Wanna see?
 Aren't they cute?
My son named his Dorothy (after the fish in Elmo's World)
and he took it upon himself to also name 
our daughter's, Nemo (obviously).

I can't do time intensive pets right now.
I've got enough going on.
It's not that I have anything against
having a pet.....other than hair.
I have serious hair issues.
Stray hairs make me want to vomit!
And hairless animals aren't really my cup
of tea either. So, where does that leave us?
Right here with this:

I do love the way it looks.
Instead of using a normal fish bowl or tank,
I used a really tall glass vase I had.
I like to say they live in a high rise.
I put some rocks and a fake plant in and
voila......80 cents later my kids each have a pet.
I spent more on the goldfish food than I did the whole set-up.
I got the idea of the vase from my OLDER sister.

This does require changing the water out on 
a weekly basis but I can deal with that. 
And just because I think it's such a cute picture:



susie said...

Oh, I'm glad little man finally got a pet! Tell him good job on the names, love them xoxo

Amanda said...

It does look so cute on your table. I love how you say fish aren't time consuming. I wish that were true. What a pain in my arce.

Linda said...

It's about time they got a pet!! Love it!!

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