Friday, March 9, 2012

~wonder bobby pins and a giveaway~

When it comes to my hair, I end up
pulling it up most days. Not just because it's 
easier but because I happen to love "up-do's".
 I have a secret weapon
when it comes to pulling up my hair......
mini bobby pins.
I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply for dirt cheap.
I think they're a couple bucks.
I think they work much better than 
a normal size bobby pin.
They are smaller allowing them to grip tighter.
I took a picture of a mini pin next to 
a normal sized bobby pin so you can see:
I have a board for BEAUTY on my Pinterest.
Click [here] to see the board.
Pinned to this board I have make-up tips,
hair tips, skin care tips, etc.
I found a simple up-do the other day and 
tried it today. Here's how it turned out:
 It was so easy.
Click [here] to view the tutorial.
(I'm unable to tell where the original posting 
of it was so that's why I didn't reference it here :(
Sorry....I know that's not proper 
Pinterest and blogging etiquette.)
It stayed like this the WHOLE day.
I just barely took this picture....after having
it in all day.
I'm sure you've guessed by now that I used 
my mini bobby pins for this. 

So....just because I love them so much
and I love YOU all so much....
I'm going to give a package of 
these miracle bobby pins away
to one of you lucky's!

Just leave me a comment telling 
me your favorite way to wear your hair
and you're entered....and become a follower
if you're not already. 
If you want a 2nd entry- post about this on your
blog or facebook page linking back to my blog. 

I'll pick a winner on Monday the 12th.
Trust want some of these!

Have a great weekend friends!
I'm off to let my hair down.
The hot tub and a bottle glass of wine are calling my name.

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Monika said...

How have I not known about these? I love the up do. I think I might try it!

susie said...

Lately my favorite way to wear my hair is big loose curls, I know this is a shocker! You know me, I usually have it up in the same old boring ponytail.

Amanda said...

Well to be honest, right now I hate wearing my hair anyway... I'm in a rut if you can't tell. I have to say I like these bobby pins too, but I still like the bigger ones, maybe just because my hair is so thick. I can really only use the small ones when I'm only doing a tiny bit of hair in a pin. But I agree they are great I love this brand.

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