Thursday, March 1, 2012

~my beauty tips~

Aging sucks.
It seems like I am always looking for that magical
way to make my skin what it was in my 20's....
when I didn't appreciate it and I didn't have to
do anything to look good.
Now-I'm really in need of a magic trick for my skin.
As I'm getting older I'm seeing the following
changes in my skin:
-blotchy, uneven skin tone
-enlarged pores and blackheads
-random breakouts that take forever to clear up

I know the next step in this aging progression is
full on wrinkles. Ugh.

In my quest for magic, here are some simple and
surprising tricks I have found and implemented
into my skincare/oral regimen.
 Brushing with Listerine. I do this every night before bed
and it is WONDERFUL! My dental hygienist told me
about this trick a few years ago and I've been doing it 
ever since. Just pour some in the cap and dip your 
toothbrush into it as you need to. You'll love it! 
Washing my face with powdered milk....
I read about it a few years ago in a book and
finally got around to trying it a few months ago.
If you can get past the smell of it, I totally suggest
trying it. It's gentle, leaves your skin feeling soft
and it is also slightly exfoliating. Plus-it's 
super inexpensive to buy. This bag was $2. I have a little
tiny bowl w/a lid (imagine the size of one you'd
keep in your diaper bag with little treats in it).
Just pour about a tablespoon of powdered milk
in the bowl. Put just enough water in there to 
mix it up, put the lid on and shake to dissolve.
 (you'll have to experiment to find the consistency you prefer)

Blackheads. Ugh.
My face's arch nemesis.
I have large pores so inevitability, 
I have blackheads. I read about this and
have only tried it a couple times.
A tablespoon of Epsom salt mixed with
a 1/4 hot water and a couple drops of iodine.
Soak a cotton ball in this and then put 
on area of blackheads for a minute.
Take a gauze pad and squeeze out the blackhead.
This helps loosen it up supposedly. 
I'm not 100% sold on this yet, I need to do it
more often and more consistently.
You should try it and tell me what you think. 
As far as toners go, I much prefer either lemons
or aloe vera gel over anything. I have been using
aloe vera for years and I love it. Lemons are also
good for lightening age spots. Just rub a lemon
slice over the age spot and hold on there for 
a few minutes then wash off. Do it daily
until you notice your spots start to fade.
This works.....done it more than once. 
Cucumbers are a great way to make your pores 
appear smaller. I rub a cucumber slice over  my face
in the morning before my moisturizer and also at night
before my moisturizer. I swear by this.....
it really does help. And it smells good.
The best oil when you need that extra moisture.....
Weleda Almond Facial Oil.
I cannot live without this stuff!
I use it for so many purposes. 
In the winter I use it as moisturizer on my face
before I go to bed. Don't let the oil part scare you away.
You'd think it would make your face really
greasy but it doesn't. I've had my Mom and sister
try this and they were terrified it would make
them a big 'ol greaseball. They were
shocked to find out that it didn't. 
Your skin just sucks it in! 
I also use this for my kids when their skin
gets dry. I also used it on my baby's cradle cap.
It was the only thing I could get to clear it up. 
I use it to take off my eye makeup.
I use it on my lips.
I'm tellin's awesome. 
You can find it at health food stores
and sometimes at Target. I bought mine
from Weleda's website. It will run 
you about $15-$20.

Tell me some of your beauty tricks.
I'm especially interested to find out what
you do to get rid of blackheads. 

Let me also give recognition to the 
blog "Cakies" where I got the idea
to use a blackboard and chalk for
my tutorial. You will be seeing this
idea again on here....I think it's adorable.


Jolie said...

i continue looking fresh and young by using mass amounts of nicotine and alcohol....seems to work well with my genetics since i come from "bar people"

no really....i love trying new things...products that work for a while stop and i am on an adventure for something new. i've found that not only age is effecting my skin...but my hormones have played a HUGE part in it's deterioration. being a chick is not easy!!!!

love the chalk board an i am going to get some of that oil!!!

Amanda said...

I wish I could be as daring as you when it comes to skin care. Sadly I've had too much trauma when it comes to my skin. So I'm really not open to using anything different.

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