Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~chicken and stuffing one pot meal~

Hello readers.
Have you given up on any new posts from me?
I've had so much to do around the house and
with the family that my blogs have taken a 
backseat to everything else. 

-Out of town for 5 days two weeks ago.
-Washer broke (which means the house went to hell).
-Valentine's Day (which was a total bust).
-Shopping for a new washer/dryer and installing them.
-Husband out of town last weekend for 3 days.
-Kids with colds.
-Mom got the cold.

See-I wasn't kidding. 
It wouldn't be a lie if I said in the past 3 weeks
I have only cooked dinner 3 times. 
My poor family.
They've been forced to eat lots of quick, processed
foods and stuff from Wendy's dollar menu. 
Unfortunately, things won't be getting back to "normal"
in our household until next week. 
It's my turn to get-away for 3 days!

last night I managed to throw something together 
for my family. This is one of my go-to meals when
I don't have a ton of time. It's one of my favorite
COMFORT FOOD meals. With this blasted cold
virus hitting all of us, we really needed some
comfort food last night. 
I call it my chicken stuffing one pot meal.
 It's always a hit.....this is what you'll need:
 Chicken breasts.
Shredded cheese.
Cream of chicken soup.
Stuffing mix.

I know, I know-it's pretty much all processed food.
Obviously we all know that fresh is better but
hey.....some days if we don't do QUICK MEALS-
we don't have time for anything at all. 
This is also one of my go-to meals when I 
need to take a meal to another family.

First off, go ahead and cook up your chicken breasts
or breast tenders (I had both) in a little bit of olive oil.
Go ahead and season it however you prefer.
Next you want to prepare your stuffing as
indicated on the box. I cooked mine in the 
microwave while my chicken was cooking
and then transferred it into my casserole dish.
(in this case-my pan also goes in the oven so I 
took the chicken out and then put the stuffing 
right into the pan with the drippings.)
Now go ahead and put your cooked chicken breasts 
on top of the stuffing.
Now spoon the cream of chicken soup over the top of
this and sprinkle with shredded cheese.
Bake this in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
Serve it with steamed veggies or a fresh lettuce salad.
This is truly a 30 minute meal!
The only bad thing about it for me is.....
It's that good!
In fact, I'm going to go warm up the left-overs 
right now...comfort food is the best.


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susie said...

I made this the night you guys left our house, it was a huge hit! We loved it, thanks for the suggestion. Love you xoxo

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