Sunday, February 12, 2012

~handmade Valentine's~

 Let me share with you the Valentines we made for this year.
First off, my son's for his class at school.
I saw this idea on Pinterest and downloaded the 
free printable. You can get to it by clicking
on my "Pinspiration" tab up top and looking
at the Valentines post.

 We made a whole legion of super heroes.
I had him sign the underside of the cape.
I am so pleased with how they turned out. 
For his teachers we made this:
 For our family we made these Valentine's....
which ended up being my favorite that I've EVER made.
I blurred out our names but you get the point.
Inside they say this:
I made a few different designs:

I still have to make my sweetheart's Valentine.
I have NO IDEA at this point what I'm going 
to do for his. I'd better get on it eh?


Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest valentines ever!!
Elliott is lucky to have such a talented Mom.


Dawn said...

ha ha. We were so on the same page this valentine's day. I made those same valentines for Kyler's preschool friends. And I almost called you to see if you were doing the "thumb bodies" card because I was going to do that for all the grandparents, but didn't want to send the same card to Grandma that you were sending. Now I'm glad I didn't do it because your is much cuter than what I would have come up with :)

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