Friday, February 3, 2012

~toddler bedding~

There's nothing like the wonderful sense
of accomplishment and the load of stress off 
your shoulders upon completion of a big project.
Remember the toddler bedding I've been 
working on? Well-I finished it and delivered
it to my friend earlier this week.

I was nervous about it because the fabric
that we picked to bind the comforter with 
ended up being a NIGHTMARE to work with.
 It was deliciously soft and snuggly but
once I started sewing it......
it STRETCHED and moved all over the place.
I had to re-pin and adjust so many times
and it still ended up crooked.
I got to the point where I realized is all 
I could do was my best considering the 
problems I was having and 
accept the fact that it wasn't going to turn out perfect.'s how it turned out:

 The colors and prints turned out so cute together.
My friend loved it and her little guy went
CRAZYNUTS over it! He really loves it and
that's what counts :)
I also made a spare sheet out of some yellow material
and a stripe pillowcase.
Sheets for cribs and toddler beds are so easy to make.
I used this tutorial at MADE.
I've made a lot of them and they can be done 
in under an hour. It's a great way to spice up
your nursery. As far as the comforter goes,
I attempted to do it self-binding style.
It took much longer than it should have
because of the problems I had with the material.
This was definitely a learning experience to 
NOT use material like that again for something 
that needs to be structured. 

Next up, a tutorial of a knock off pattern
for my favorite stretch pants/leggings. 
Easier than you think.


Jolie said...


I love it!!!!
Perfect for that lil pirate!
love the patterned material you gals picked!!! good job Paula!

Amanda said...

This bedding turned out adorable!!! Absolutely love it. I wish I could make myself some pirate bedding.

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