Friday, June 29, 2012

~turqoise bib necklace-DIY~

 As promised, here are some better pics of 
the other project I worked on while camping
a couple weeks ago:
It was so easy.
I got the inspiration and idea for it from 
"P.S. I Made This".
click (here) to be directed to the tutorial

I did mine a little different and 
used different materials. She used plastic
key identifiers for hers, which are adorable
I might add, but I decided to use these round
beads I found at the gem show for $2/strand. 
Here's a better picture.
 I love it! 
It's definitely my go-to statement piece
when I want to add a little color to an outfit. 

It took about an hour to make and cost me 
a whopping $2.60.....not bad eh? 

Susie....I know-you are saying out loud right now,
"You really need to belt that dress or something."
Although I totally agree with you-it's just not 
happening. It's hard enough to pull the dress 
clear up over my boobs when I have to feed
the babe-let alone unbelt it too. 
Now you see my dilemma...

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susie said...

Cute're right, I was saying that! Love you, but yes I do see your dilemma!

Jolie said...

a wonderful pop of color and style!
good job girl!

Mrs. Olsen said...

super cute! two buck and sixty cents? Did I read that right?

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