Wednesday, June 20, 2012

~thread wrapped wire bracelet~

 I want to share pics of the bracelet I made myself
last week. It was Thursday evening and I was
going thru my jewelry-making supplies to 
see what I wanted to look out for at the Gem Show,
which I was going to attend the following day. 
I came across a string of big beads that I purchased 
there a couple years ago and decided out of the
blue that I was going to whip something up right
then and there with at least one of them.
This is what I ended up with:
I just strung the wire thru my bead and went to
town bending and shaping it. Once I had it in the shape
I wanted, I added some more color by wrapping some of
the wire with coral colored embroidery thread.
 Initially I made the big shape to be a pendant
for a necklace but realized I couldn't find a fast,
 easy and nice looking way to attach it to a chain or wire.
So-I decided to string some beads on the side of it
to make it a bracelet. This is the view of the sides.
 I went ahead and made a loop with the thread on the
other side to hook thru the end bead. I'm not gonna lie-
it stays on just fine like this but it is a BEEYOTCH to
un-fasten. I've got to figure something else out. I will
probably just end up hooking a lobster clasp to
the end and closing it that way.
 This is a fake arm by the way.
I may be white but I'm not quite this pasty looking!

If you can't tell, I love very organic and 
primitive looking jewelry. I know it doesn't 
suit everyone but I sure love this piece.

My 5 year old son informed me that it's
"kind of creepy" and my 5 year old niece 
said it was, "not a pretty shape because it's 
not straight." I'm thinking it's safe to say
that 5 year olds aren't really impressed with
this aesthetic either. 

Total time it took to complete this bracelet:
about 2 hours. I had all the supplies on hand.
And speaking of supplies-
you should see the loot I scored at the Gem Show last Friday.
I need to take a picture of the PILE and show you.
Gem Shows are a jewelry maker's paradise!

I have so many jewelry projects in the works now.
I'll be sharing a rockin necklace with you that
I made while camping over the weekend.
(see-I wasn't kidding about crafting while camping)
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