Saturday, June 30, 2012

~old bottle turned girly vase~

 I am going thru this phase where I want to
make everything in my house WHITE.
I want to buy a shload of white spray paint 
and just go to town. My brain is so consumed
with what I have to do each and every day
that it feels like I have a lot of clutter in my head.
Because of this, I am trying to diminish the 
real, tactile clutter in my house. I just want clean,
white, easy, breezy, beautiful (cover-girl),simple,
monochromatic EVERYTHING right now.
I actually love rooms where everything is white or
very muted and earthy. Just because a room
is all white doesn't mean it's boring. By using
many different TEXTURES of white stuff,
it looks interesting and multidimensional. 
Add in VERY FEW pops of color just in a 
couple little details and that's the look I 
am loving right now.

And now finally, the whole point of this post;
found this old bottle while up camping and decided
(of course) to spray paint it white. I thought I would
do something a little different and make stripes 
on it. It turned out like this:
Didn't like it. Even with a flower that isn't pathetic
and limp looking, it still looked weird and harsh.
So-I stumbled upon a great idea at the blog
"A Beautiful Mess" and knew immediately 
what I was going to do to salvage this cool bottle.
click (here) for their version
This is my version:
 Cover the stripes with white lace and buttons.
I had everything here on hand and did it in 10 minutes.
White on white with lots of texture.
 Doesn't it look lovely?
It's gone from being a weird old bottle I mucked up
with stripes to a feminine, delicate and 
fabulous VOZ (exaggerate that "O").
A nice little addition to my collection.

Next project on the docket this week:
lampshade re-vamp to fit this great little
vintage glass lamp base I found at Goodwill.
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i agree with the white clean look!!!

cant wait to see what youve got in store for the shade!

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