Wednesday, June 6, 2012

~t-shirt transformation~

 My friend's son has really cool taste in 
t-shirts. He likes them rock-n-roll style.
On Sunday I was lucky enough to intercept 4
of these shirts that he had discarded into the 
"donate" bag because they no longer fit him.
These are the exact shirts I love to transform.
I've already re-vamped two of them....
Here's the first one:
One thing I love about re-vamping t-shirts is 
that they are so easy and they don't have to
be perfect to be cute and wearable. 
I's just a t-shirt. 
 The first thing I do when I re-vamp a shirt is 
cut off the crew neck collar.
For a person who is well endowed in the boob
department and very short (which I am both)
-crew necks ARE NOT flattering.
In fact, in my humble opinion, crew necks
are really not flattering on most people.

After cutting the neckline much bigger, I needed
to do something to bring it in so I made this little
tuck in the center. I then cut the sleeves off a little
and  did pull thru slits all the way up both sleeves.

I still needed it to fit tighter around the neckline
so I went ahead and did pull thru slits across
the top back of the shirt.  

Not perfect.....not any of it.....
but it's cute anyway and has more personality
than just a plain 'ol t-shirt. 

And here's the back story to this concert shirt.
A spur of the moment concert that Jolie
and I went to. I had just had my daughter
about 3 weeks prior and I was needing
to get out of the house. The concert was
at a small venue downtown.

At some point during the 
concert the place in which we were standing
had turned into a mosh-pit and we were 
almost dead center of it. Jolie puts her arms
out and screams as she's dragging me out 
of it, "Precious cargo! Full momma boobs
right here folks! Make a path!" 
Obviously-I had VERY 
full boobs because I had a newborn baby
at home and they were extremely tender AND FULL 
at that point in the night. 

Jolie wanted to get her little guy a
shirt from the concert and this was the shirt
she got him. We ended up meeting 
the band after the show......
Two words.
Douche. Bags.

At least the shirt is cute.

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Jolie said...

kick ass transformation!!! that trapt shirt does have some fun memories attached to it!

Amanda said...

You need to teach me to transform my shirts. I have a whole drawer full and I never wear them because I hate them.

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