Sunday, June 17, 2012

~hand stamped Aztec inspired shirt~

Did y'all have a nice Father's Day weekend?
I spent the weekend gazing at this:
 Yeah-my husband wanted to go camping
for Father's Day so we packed up the RV and
took it out for 2012's maiden voyage.

I have to admit-I'm not really an outdoor gal.....
I LOVE and appreciate the beauty of the Earth
and I thoroughly enjoy seeing all of God's beauty.
BUT- (and this is a big butt)
I like to enjoy it without getting dirty,
crapping in the woods or sweating.

So-with that being said, you won't be
surprised to hear that when we go camping I
usually pack up a bunch of craft projects
and work on them inside the motor home or
outside while sitting at a picnic bench 

This first project I'm going to show you 
was one that I read about on the blog
P.S. I Made This.....check out the blog-
it is FULL of fun DIY ideas!

 I took these pics out in my back yard.....I 
was totally trying to pose and look cool
and then I realized when I came and put them
onto my computer.....I didn't have any make-up on!
I'm sure if any of my neighbors saw me
they got a good show-
trying to balance the camera on the hot tub
while running to get into place before the timer
snapped the photo.....and trying
not to trip over this little darling in the process. 

My glamorous life.
I try to be cool but most of the time it 
just doesn't happen.

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Amanda said...

Very cute!! You are fearless, I would never do something like this for fear I would mess it up.

Jolie said...

wow paula!! that lookds great! im impressed with the pattern and how perfectly you spaced each sponge mark! great diy!

AND i think you look rockin cool even without a stitch of makeup :)

Lynsie said...

I agree with Jolie- you look amazing! And you are so stinkin creative.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Ha ha ha! Work that Zoolander look Paula. You got it!

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