Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~t-shirt turned tank top~

 I wasn't kidding when I said I cut up pretty much
every t-shirt I have and turn it into something else.
Here's another:
I cut the neckline wider-
cut the sleeves shorter 
and gathered them up in the front and back
with a piece of grommet/ribbon I had in my scrap jar. 
I slit the underside of each sleeve clear up to 
the armpit seam so it wasn't as bulky.
Here's a view from the top:

(I want to snip that string SOOOOO bad in this pic)
So easy.....did it in 10 minutes.
I finished it off by snipping a little hole in the 
bottom hem of the shirt. The hem then became a
casing that I used to string a ribbon thru in order
to pull it tighter at the bottom. 
ANYONE can do this!
My only regret with the shirt is that it's a band
who I haven't had the opportunity to see yet.
Bummer....I'd love to cake on the black eye make-up,
throw on some tight-ass jeans and rat my hair 
as high and big as it can get....good times.
Next time I'll share one of my more 
intricate t-shirt re-vamps. 
And by intricate I mean I cursed a lot
when making it.
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1 comment:

Lynsie said...

I just need to hire you to re-vamp all the clothes that just aren't quite right but I can't seem to get rid of. Love this!

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