Monday, June 4, 2012

~flowers this week~

 It was slim pickins in the floral department
here in our yard this week. We are in-between
blooms and I don't have a lot to choose from right now.
This is what is sitting on the table 
behind my living room sofa this week.

 However sparse they may seem compared to other
weeks arrangements, it still lends a real
breath of fresh air and life to the room.
I love the energy of fresh flowers.

Here's a peak at a little something 
I whipped up on Saturday:
An old boat-neck shirt I had lying around....
finally got around to making it more
wear-able for my body type. Have I
mentioned on here that I DO NOT DO
boat-neck or crew neck tees? 
They look horrid on me and I try to stay as 
far away from them as I can.  
Seriously....I really need to take the time to
photograph and compile a few different blog
posts specifically about all my t-shirt transformations.
I have so many of them.
One day......
I suppose I could start with a tutorial for this
shirt eh? Tutorial and more pics of the shirt
to come later this week.  
Until then-have a great week.
What's blooming in your yard?
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1 comment:

Amanda said...

Your flowers always look cute. And I can't wait to see this shirt on you it looks super cute.

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