Sunday, June 10, 2012

~DIY wire word necklace~

This past week I stumbled upon 
some REALLY fun blogs with A TON
of DIY projects. How have I not known about these?
I've pinned so many things and already attempted
a couple of the projects.
Like this kitschy little number:

I made it in 12 minutes.
No joke.
I swear, my head is smoking from all the 
ideas I have brewing in it right now!

I got this idea from the blog
"Studs and Pearls"
click (here) to check it out
Definitely one of my new must reads!
Hope you have as much fun as I did 
browsing thru all the DIY projects.
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Jolie said...

this was the cutest necklace on you paula!!!

Amanda said...

It really is super cute. I like it a lot.

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