Monday, May 28, 2012

~poor girls flower arrangement~

 The flowers on my table last week:
Recognize the tall vase?
Maybe the water marks at the top will give
you a was our former
gold fish high rise (click here for a reminder).
As I'm sure you've guessed by now-the goldfish died.
The water marks at the top of my gigantic vase
will always be a reminder of the one and only
pet I ever allowed the kids to have.
 Mint, chives and the white puff ball again.
This will be the last of the puff balls this year.
Which is a shame because I love them.
I used this old bottle and apothecary jar to display
the simple little flowers and greens. 
This has actually been my favorite centerpiece
yet this year. I love the color combo along with 
the glass and visible water. 

 I wish you could smell the mint thru
your computer. It is simply DIVINE.
Not sure yet what I'll do for this week. 
We are in between blooms right now.
Iris are shriveling and the roses aren't ready to be cut.
I'll have to get creative. 
Ooh......I love a challenge. 
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1 comment:

Jolie said...

BEA U TI FUL!!!!! the smell of fresh mint!

lol! the only pet you ever let your kids have.....the dead fish

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