Friday, May 4, 2012

~faux milk glass vase~

 What to do with a bottle of fine Canadian whiskey
(besides drink it)........
Spray it with this.....
 and you get this...
Pretty isn't it?
Getting the bottle was a bit of a laugh.
Last weekend at a party, our friend, Derek, was 
offering drinks with this fine whiskey.
I turned down the whiskey (not a whiskey fan) but
asked him what he was going to do with the bottle.
His response..."I'm going to drink it!"
OK. Duh Paula.
Maybe I should have made myself more clear.
"What are you going to do with the bottle after it's gone."

After I clarified my question he told me I could have the bottle
when it was gone. I thought I'd get it in a couple weeks.
In his defense, he wasn't the only one drinking it. 
Apparently it went down real fast and smooth...

Although I didn't like the whiskey, I LOVED 
the design on the bottle. I knew immediately
what I wanted to do with it. 
 I had to spray about 5 or 6 coats of paint to
cover the painted label on the bottle. 
I love the delicate, intricacy of the bottle.
Because only a flower or two can fit in it,
it allows the focus to be the bottle, even when 
filled with flowers. 
The flowers I have in here now are little tiny
flowers from my's what happens
when you let them grow too long. 

I think I'm going to spray a couple more bottles I 
have laying around the house here.
I'm envisioning a few of them clustered
in the center of my dining table.......

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Jolie said...


i wonder if the remnants of the whiskey fumes will keep the flowers perky longer???

susie said...

I love it, I'm now on the look out for cool looking bottles to try this!

lisa_sims said...

Awesome Paula! It looks amazing! I am going to copy your idea too. Need to get some more whiskey and have another party! Hehe

Lynsie said...

Paula, you are amazing!!!! I never envisioned this- I LOVE it!!!! I second Lis- another party is in order.

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