Monday, May 7, 2012

~book review-The Language of Flowers~

The Language of Flowers
by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Not since I read "A Vintage Affair", have I enjoyed
a book so much. Simply put, this is a beautiful story
of self-forgiveness and maternal love told thru
the meaning of flowers. If you love flowers and
good stories, this book is for you.
Mom-you will love it. 

The main character is Victoria Jones who has
grown up in the foster system and is unable to get
close to anybody. Her only emotional connection
and expression to the world is thru flowers and
their meanings. The story begins the morning of
her 18th birthday, the day she is going to be
emancipated from the system. With no job, no
family and nowhere to go, she starts sleeping
in a public park where she plants a garden.
A local florist gives her a job and Victoria soon 
learns that she has a special gift of helping others
thru flowers.  As she is forced to confront
issues and people of her past she soon learns
that the person she needs to heal most is

Back in the Victorian Era, people would
communicate and send messages to one another
thru flowers. (That's much better than texting
if you ask me.) I never knew flowers 
had such a history of meaning so much. 
At the back of the book the author has included
an index of flowers and their meanings. 
I had so much fun reading about the flowers 
we are growing here in our yard and 
what they represent. 

This is what the flowers in our yard are saying:
alyssum-worth beyond beauty
cosmos-joy in love and life
crocus-youthful gladness
daffodil-new beginnings
purple hyacinth-please forgive me
peppermint-warmth of feeling
petunia-your presence soothes me
orange rose-fascination
pale peach rose-modesty
pink rose-grace
red rose-love
sunflower-false riches
tulip-declaration of love
 and my favorite:
moss-maternal love
(because it grows with no roots)

Isn't it interesting?
I didn't realize we have so many different flowers
and plants growing in our yard until I started
analyzing what they all mean. We have even more
but I can't identify what they are at this point. 
If you want to know what your flowers and plants
are saying....check out this book. 

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