Monday, May 21, 2012

~simple flower arrangement~

 To me, nothing says "life" like flowers do.
I love to have fresh flowers in my house and
am lucky enough to get them for FREE all summer.
My husband is a wonderful gardener and he 
lovingly picks and arranges bouquets for me
all summer long. He may be losing his title this 
summer as "arranger" because I am really starting 
to enjoy it myself. Each week I have been 
picking and arranging flowers to bring into my house. 
Here's what I did last week:
A simple three part arrangement for my kitchen table.
Lavender, green and white.
Iris, chives, mint and white puff balls (??? that's what we call it).
Simple beauty.
I smiled each time I looked at it. 

 I challenge you this week to recognize the 
BEAUTY in the simple things....
it doesn't have to be big to be magnificent!
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susie said...

I may have to gather some rocks, sticks, and oh let's not forget dirt from my yard. I don't think it will be too beautiful though, but I will take your challenge. Maybe some dandylions will look pretty thrown into a vase!! :) Having a yard that's all torn up is NOT fun or pretty! Slowly but surely it will get done.

Jolie said...

That looks BEAUTIFUL Paula!!!!
I crown you the flower child arranger person!!!!

Love the white containers and the simplicity of your table!

You would be proud of me and Jax....we bought planter containers and a variety of different colored flowers. My front porch looks like a splash of rainbow hit it!!!! Now if I can only remember to water the damn things!!!! No green thumb here!!!!

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