Saturday, May 19, 2012

~closet peek-a-boo~

 I haven't done "A peak inside my closet" for a 
couple weeks. The reason being; I haven't really
worn much worth photographing. Since I started
posting about what I wear on a daily basis I've 
learned a couple things about my wardrobe:
1) I wear a lot of black
2) A lot of the stuff I wear isn't that great

Let me tell's been a real kick in the butt 
to step it up with my wardrobe. 

Here's a few outfits I've worn the past couple weeks.
I wore this to a barbecue. This outfit is another one
of those examples of "buy nice stuff and it will last you forever".
I've had the skirt, the boots and the belt for several years.
The belt is AMAZING! I bought it at a vintage store
years and years ago.....long before the cheap imitations
of belts like this were popular. The buckle is sterling silver,
the leather is genuine and is is completely handmade. 
I think I paid $30 for it. The boots get cooler looking the more 
worn they become and the skirt is a staple piece of my
summer wardrobe. I also wear it belted as a dress.
 This outfit I wore to a sushi dinner for a friend's birthday.
I originally got the outfit for my Vegas trip in February.
I love the contrast of the lace with the tailored vest.
BUT....the best thing about this outfit-THE SHOES!
They make me soooo much taller.
I'm only 5'2 so they really give me a boost. 
Believe it or not, they are pretty comfortable.

This outfit I wore to my son's pre-school graduation.
It's basically a $20 outfit. The bracelet was more expensive
than everything else combined. Again....pieces I've 
had for a really long time. This beaded shrug
is an "occasion" piece that I feel so feminine and
pretty in each time I wear. It was only $5!

I've really been trying to bring some color into my
wardrobe since realizing my obsession with black clothes.

Wait and see what I did with this skirt:
 It may very well be my favorite summer 2012 piece!
I'll show you next week. 

To answer your question Jolie about why I don't 
photograph the clothes on me....there's a few
different reasons. 

A) it's quicker and easier for me to lay them out 
than to try and take the time to get a good
shot of me in them. I never remember to do it when I'm 
wearing them. I've tried setting my timer and using my
tri-pod but haven't been able to find a good spot
in my house to do that. I've also tried having my 
little guy take the pics and it didn't go so well :)

B) my point of posting these is to inspire others
and give them ideas for their own wardrobes.
I want them to imagine THEMSELVES in them.


C) it's fun! I love laying them out and making 
the collages. I feel like I'm doing an editorial 
in a fashion magazine or something. 
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Jolie said...

i totally understand about the pic thing.....cant wait to see the revamped floral skirt!

Lynsie said...

Love this idea, Paula! Keep 'em coming!!!

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