Tuesday, May 15, 2012

~a bow-tie for pre-school graduation~

 Today's the BIG DAY!
My little man graduates pre-school.
For his program tonight the teacher has
asked the kids to dress in their best clothes.
Alright...for us that translates into a pair of
jeans without holes and a shirt with a collar. 

We aren't church going folk so he doesn't have
dress clothes. I made a trip to the local thrift store
and got a white button up shirt for $3. I brought it
home and bleached the heck out of it and it
looks good as new. I let him pick the material
he wanted for the bow-tie.....he chose the red with
white polka-dots. Thru pinterest (of course) I
found a great tutorial at "A Lemon Squeezy Home"

It was SOOO easy.
Finished in a matter of minutes and using
all materials I had on hand.

 Fabric, felt or interfacing, thread and velco 
are the only materials you need.  
He looks so handsome and adorable in it.
I'm pretty sure I'll be bawling thru the whole 
ceremony tonight......... 
Wait until you see how adorable the book I made
him turned out! Come back tomorrow to see it.
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Jolie said...

Can't wait to see him in it tonight

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