Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~tis the canning season~

 Everyone's doing it.....
and YES....I am too.
I forget from year to year how much work it is.
 Add an almost toddler to the mix and it takes twice as long.
A couple hours of canning work turned into an entire day.
OK-that's a turned into 3 days. Once I got the beans
snapped and ready I had to put everything away because
some little person woke up from their nap WAAAAYYYYY
too early and I had a very grumpy child to contend with.
And then dinner.
And then homework.
And then bedtime.
So....two days later and voila:
Anyone who cans knows the great feeling of success
and achievement that comes with the "pop" of
your jars sealing. Man-I love that sound.  
 I've got the beans done. 
Sadly, the farmers from the little produce stand I have been buying my beans from for years and years are retiring
and this is their last year :(
Now I just have to do the beats and 
figure out what to do with all
my tomatoes and zucchini.

That will take me another 3 weeks I'm sure.
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Jolie said...

You and any other patient person who cans is my idol!!!! I tried....wait.....I seriously thought about canning some salsa and jam. Luckily wallyworld was out of jars because the more i thought about it and investigated the process, the more i said screw it!!!!

i want some of those beans!!!

lisa_sims said...

I would love to can with you! If you want company I will help with the next round. Looks delish!

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