Thursday, September 27, 2012

~duck tape hair pretties~

 Have you seen all the amazing things people are
making out of duck tape? My nieces are a part of
the craze and they make some really cool stuff.
If I could ever get them to e-mail the pics of their stuff
I would show you (hint, hint). 

Check out the hair pretties they made 
for my little lady out of duck tape.

Aren't they sassy rock-n-roller retro'ish cute?
Thanks TJ-they are adorable!
Susie-I know her part isn't straight....settle down.
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susie said...

I sent the pics. 2 days ago. I love those bows that my TJ made! Love you xoxo

susie said...

hey aunt paula she looks so freakin cute ! shes my fav little girl! love tj

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