Thursday, September 6, 2012

~shirt inspired from "I Spy DIY" book~

This book.....
....has soooo many fun ideas in it!
I made a shirt inspired by one of her ideas
in the book. Hers is made with a scarf and mine
was made with fabric I have had for years, not 
knowing what to make with it. I had about a 
yard of fabric and cut it out in the shape 
of two scarfs. It's basically two squares sewn
together, leaving an opening for the neck and arms.
I didn't even have to hem it.
Instead, I burned the edges.
An idea I wouldn't have thought of on my own
and it was sooooo much faster.
Here's my version:
 I know these self portraits are killing you.
They kill me too and I CANNOT for the life of me
get a decent shot ANYWHERE in my house.
Here's a pic of it on my dress form-it gives
you a better idea of what it looks like.
 I made the neckline extra wide so it falls
off my shoulder. The pink ribbons are just
for draping and marking on my form, they aren't
actually part of the shirt. 

I made it especially for a special summer concert
with some of my favorite gals:
 I loved the finished product and the concert
wasn't half bad either......come to think of it-
the concert ROCKED! 
I'm adding Grace Potter to the list of
celebrities I want to be friends with.

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Megan said...


Jolie said...

It looked great on you!!! This is a style that fits your body beautifully! Loved the print too! And the concert!!! and the food!!! and the fun!!!!! wahoooo

btw: @#@KSDFJ@O@#J@J@J this damn security characters!!!! ARGH!!!! me and it are fighting maybe 5th try is a charm? lets see!

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