Friday, September 7, 2012

~outfits on the cheap~

 I normally save my thrifting runs for Friday night
but the way I was feeling by the time my husband
got home last night from work required
I needed to get the hell out.
It was one of those afternoons.
My "calgon take me away" spot is the local
neighborhood 2nd hand store.

Check out the outfit I scored for $7.
The skirt was $5 and the shirt was $2.
I love the hem of the skirt. 

The shoes were a score many months ago
at the same place for $4. They have become 
one of my summer staple pieces.

While at the store, enjoying my alone time,
taking a breather from the kids, I couldn't help
but overhear and follow around a beastly "mom"
who was, in my opinion, verbally abusing her 
3 year old daughter. The poor little girl was 
tired and cranky, it was 8:00 at night for 
God's sake, she should have been in bed.
She was crying and whining and her mom was
being so mean to her because of it. 
I felt so bad for her and felt like I needed to 
follow them around (discreetly). I thought
for sure she was going to hurt her physically.
I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked
the mom if I could give her the little package
of fruity snacks that I had in my purse for my kids.
She said it was OK and felt the need to
tell me, "Oh-she's cute but she's a mouthy brat."
I said, "Well she's tired. My kids hate this store too."
 What I really wanted to say was,
"BITCH! Your kids problem is YOU!"

I get the concept of don't judge until you've walked
a mile in someone's shoes and for the most I 
believe and live that way. I know sometimes
we all raise our voices to our kids and a stranger
looking in, not seeing the whole story or picture,
may see it differently than what the reality is.
BUT-I couldn't help
but think that no matter what kind of day
this woman had just had, that little girl
didn't deserve treatment like that 
("You're a brat. I can't stand you. I can call
a bad person to come get you. I can take you
outside to the front of the store and leave you there
until I'm done." This is the kind of stuff she
was saying to her daughter)
if that's how she treats her in public, how
must she treat her in private? 
It broke my heart. 
I followed her around the whole time and ended up
in the dressing room right next to her too.
When I came out of my room-they were gone.
I said a little prayer that the girl would be alright....
and also for the momma.
She was no doubt stressed and miserable.
It made me come home and squeeze 
my kids a little tighter and thank my 
husband for the breaks I get whenever I 
feel like I'm about to blow. 

On a lighter note......
just wait and see how cute this skirt
looks as a shirt!
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1 comment:

Jolie said...

omg!! love that skirt!! is that the one that you found in place of the target one you wanted? this one is even BETTER!!! good find!!

i understand your concern regarding the lil girl and her mother. unfortunately, i've been on both sides......seeing treatment like what you spoke about makes me put myself in check. motherhood is trying. a smart woman takes these opportunities to learn by example either what TO do or what NOT to do to our own children. ok....a bit deep, but all i know is that the quest to be a good, positive, protective, loving parent is what we strive to achieve, yet fall short at times.

disclaimer: i'm hormonal...weird stuff comes thru me on the keyboard.

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