Sunday, October 16, 2011

~summer eats and Christmas projects~

Am I the only one who can't believe summer
is already over? It flew by this year.
I'm not complaining,
I love the fall.
It's my favorite season.
I love the crispness of the air,
the smell of cold weather,
the colors of the season
and the anticipation of
the holiday season and a new year.

Unfortunately, with fall comes a farewell to 
fresh garden tomatoes.
Tomatoes are quite possibly my favorite part of summer :)
One of my favorite ways to devour them:
 Tomato and dilly bean sandwich on toasted sourdough bread
with melted velveeta cheese.
You know, the kind of cheese that isn't real cheese.
You either love that cheese or you hate it.
I've never met an in-betweener on this subject.
I'm a bonified lover of this.
My hubs calls veleveeta "ass cheese".....
(definition: cheese you can throw against 
the wall and it sticks there all by itself)

Anyway, I haven't worked on any projects
for a couple months. My sewing/crafting table is
buried with projects that need to be completed.
I need to get on it....
birthdays and holidays are coming up
and I have soooo much to get done.
I actually have a lot I can post on here
that I've already completed and not posted about:
-kitchen curtains/shelf
-boys bedspread
-bath toy bag
-family map art
-girls wall art
-tween girls circle skirts
See-I wasn't lying....I just need to
take the pics and get around to telling you
about them. 

Projects I have in the works that you'll
hopefully see on here between now and Christmas:
-duvet cover
-child's cupboard re-do
-felt food for kids
-birthday banner
-kids slippers
-boys pirate party
-baby girl romper w/vintage corduroy
-leg warmers
-wall art for family
-hot shirt for momma :)
-hand made rings
-owl bookends
WOW....when I see it written down it looks
like I may have bit off more than I can chew.
Speaking of chewing...
Aren't these cheeks just delicious?
I've been eating them all summer too.

What are your Christmas projects?

1 comment:

Jolie said...

does eating crow count for my summer entree??
my xmas project is to put up a tree... unfortunately, that is as crafty as I am these days.
i love the bottom pic!!! that is the best dessert ever!

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